Disinfection of
Restaurants, Cafés and Bars
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Fast Procedure

Easy preparation and post-processing: DISINFECT plus ensures quick decontamination and eliminates germs and microorganisms effectively.


The patented Austrian DCX-technology enables effective and homogenous decontamination – down to the smallest corner.


Thanks to its compact design, DISINFECT plus is perfectly suitable for a wide range of rooms – for flexible and mobile use.


The DCX Fluid is 100% biodegradable and gentle to materials. After decontamination, it decomposes into oxygen and water – without condensate.

DISINFECT plus – the most modern disinfection device for restaurants, cafés and bars

The service of DISINFECT plus gives you the opportunity to eliminate all viruses, germs and bacteria in your premises – simply, quickly and effectively. All inventory can be left in the room – because the patented DCX-technology disinfects everything gently down to the last corner, with no harm to the inventory. Book our exclusive service – in this way your guests can feel carefree and comfortable. No wiping or cleaning necessary.





DISINFECT plus – the patented DCX-technology from Austria


The mobile device disinfects rooms and entire buildings fully automatic. The patented ultrasound technology produces cold dry steam that effectively destroys SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses, multi-resistant germs, bacteria, spores and fungi.

1-2-3 Application for your restaurant


With these three steps your premises will be decontaminated quickly and safely:

1 – Consulting

Contact our team for your personal and tailored offer.

2 – Service

Our experts take over the entire decontamination process at your site.

3 – Clean

Your restaurant is free from viruses, germs and bacteria – without any wiping.

Customer opinions

Get rid of the corona virus. It was all very simple. I called, the team came and now my restaurant has a room sterility on an OP-standard, just great!
Karl Hoffmann
First I had concerns, because many companies are promising a lot right now. However, DISINFECT plus came to me with a special device, that was scientifically tested by the Robert Koch-Institute, among others. The cleaning of my guest rooms was conducted very quickly. I even received a certificate right afterwards – perfect for those of my guests, who are worried.
Elisabeth Mayer
Simple and uncomplicated – just as I had imagined. One call was enough and the DISINFECT plus team came to my café on the same day. Now my guests can come to visit – without any fears of corona viruses.
Senad Bašić

The DCX technology of DISINFECT plus has been tested i.a. by the Robert Koch Institute and has proven its clear effectiveness.


… against SARS-CoV-2 and all other viruses, germs, bacteria, spores and fungi.


… one call and we are coming to you.


… DISINFECT plus can be used wherever there is a power socket nearby


… DISINFECT plus is suitable for rooms and buildings of all kinds and disinfects everything down to the last corner.